IELTS How to prepare at home, Tips and Tricks to Improve IELTS Score, Books, Test Centers

IELTS How to prepare at home, Tips and Tricks to Improve IELTS Score, Books, Test Centers : IELTS, International English Language Testing System is a test for the person who wants to go in a country where English language is used for communication. For some persons who are weak in English find this test a very difficult task for them. But if they do study properly then they definitely can crack IELTS exam. Here we are providing some tips and tricks that are very useful and helps you crack the exam without any coaching, at home without wasting your time and money. These useful tips and tricks are as following :

IELTS How to prepare at home, Tips and Tricks to Improve IELTS Score, Books, Test Centers

As we all know that there are 4 parts in IELTS exam i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking. Choose the section which is very much difficult for you have to give more time to the section that is more difficult to you.

Tips for writing Section : In this section you must know how to write a letter or essay in English with proper structure.

  1. You have to learn the basic format of the letter and essay section
  2. In Task 1 of the exam you will be asked to write a letter. For that learn the pattern of these letters.
  3. Complaint letter, Request letter (Business & Personal) and Job application letter.
  4. In Task 2 of the exam you will be asked to write an Essay. For that learn the pattern of these Essay.
  5. Argument Essay and Discussion Essay.
  6. If you practice this daily you will definitely get at least 8 bands.
  7. Books : Ace the IELTS

Tips for Listening Section : It is one of the most difficult section. In this section a booklet of question will be given to you. Then a conversation will be played from which you will have to find out the answers.

  1. Focus on the conversation do not divert your focus for a fraction of a second.
  2. Before listening the conversation read out the question book let.
  3. After reading you will get an idea which part of conversation is important.
  4. Also underline some main points in the question booklet.
  5. This will make you easy to find answers and also helps you if you will be lost on between the conversation.
  6. Use your common sense to answer if you miss any part of conversation.
  7. Books : Cambidge IELTS student’s book

Tips for Reading Section : This is one of the easiest section of the exam that’s why it don not require much time for preparation.

Tips for Speaking Section : This section is also one of the most difficult section in the exam. In Task 1 an interview will be taken in which simple questions like Who are you? Where do you work? From where are you? will be asked.

In Task 2 you will be given a topic to speak for 2 minutes. You will be given one minutes to think on it and make you notes on it.

In Task 3 there will be again an interview which will be easy.

  1. Be prepared for the Task 1. Prepare you answers before the exam.
  2. Task 2 is little bit tough but if you have done practice then you can do it easily.
  3. Note down all the thoughts that came to your mind for Task 2.
  4. Do not stop  speaking until the examiner stops otherwise a bad a bad impact of you will be created.
  5. Task 3 is also easy.
  6. Books : The new prepare for IELTS

IELTS Test Centers : Always choose a test center that is near and suitable for you. You can check the best IELTS center from the link given below :

Test Centers

Important Tips to prepare at home : You can easily prepare for IELTS at home by reading English newspaper, watching English movies and talk in English with your friends. Try to improve your grammatical mistakes by reading grammar books.

Best of Luck for your IELTS Exam !!!

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