Top 10 highest paying government jobs in India, everyone dreams

Top 10 highest paying government jobs in India, everyone dreams As we know in the scenario of 2016 everyone is behind the money. Everyone wants to earn more and more money as he can. Money becomes everything for us. We do higher study, go to high colleges, invest so much money in our studies and do hard work only to get a reputed job and handsome money. Here are we going to tell you government jobs with highest payment or salary. These jobs are very demanding and millions of people try to get these jobs. The salary of these jobs is around Rs. 1 lakh per month or more. Here is the full detail of these jobs :

Top 10 highest paying government jobs in India :-


  1. PSU Jobs :- PSU sectors are the public sector units that provides employment to the candidates with huge benefits. Same PSU’s companies like :- Coal India Limited (CIL) provide employment with the package of about Rs. 10 lakh/year.
  2. Civil Service Officer :- Civil Service Jobs are the jobs of an IAS officer. An IAS officer not only enjoys a good amount of salary but he also have of a lot of power and good reputation in the society. A cadre of IAS officer earns about 90,000 Rs per month. The estimated salary of an IAS officer is :-
  • Basic pay = Rs. 90,000
  • DA = Rs. 96,300
  • HRA = Rs. 27,000
  • TA =Rs.  5,280
  • Total =Rs. 218580

3. Indian Coast Guard (Navy) :- Indian coast guard or ICG is like our India Navy. There is not so much rush for this job but the people who want to serve their nation and the people attracted by Navy’s lifestyle and income always go for it. Commander of a navy earns up to Rs. 70000/- with grade pay of RS. 8000/- .

4. Defence Jobs :- Defence jobs like Indian Army. Navy and Air force are also very reputed and well paid jobs. The monthly salary of a lieutenant would be Rs. 65000/ per month. It also include different facilities.

5. SBI Bank PO :- SBI Bank PO are one of the highest paid jobs in India. The work pressure is not so much with an attractive salary. The salary of PO at Mumbai is about Rs. 855000 per annum.

6. Income Tax Inspector :- The post of Income Tax Inspector and also the post under SSC-CGL Exam are very demanding among Indian graduates but Income Tax Inspector is mostly preferred. An Income tax officer gains an Income of approx Rs. 35000 per month with a grade pay Rs. 4600/-. In addition ITI is entitled a 30 lt petrol, a BSNL/MTNL sim, 1GB internet and many more facilities to this post.

7. Engineers at Railway :- Railway Engineers are paid more than that to other engineers at public sectors. The salary of a senior section engineer is Rs 601866. The salary of senior section engineer varies from Rs. 464296 to Rs. 709342.

8. University Professors :- As we know that teachers play an important role in everyone’s life. The average salary of a professor for higher education is Rs.955627 per year. This income also may increase as per your experience and reputation.

9. Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs :- It is one of the post given under the SSC-CGL exam. There are also chances of foreign posting. In foreign you can get US$ 1800 to $2900 with your basic pay of RS. 17140 and US $ 400 to US $ 600 as other allowances.

10. Doctors :- The profession of a Doctors is also of huge importance. The salary of a doctors depends upon the specialization degree, skills and work experience. A young surgeon being a senior resident earns about Rs. 35000/month. In Mumbai it is about Rs. 70,000/month.

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